César Mimesis

César Mimesis


César, born in Barcelona in 1988, starts studying music when he’s 6 years old, and from the 12 plays the saxo. From always he understands the music as a conductive thread to transmit feelings and ideas; cause of that plays the Tenor Sax in a Catalan rock band called “Igitaia”, and in a street band called “Banda Patilla”.

In the year 2007 discovers the PsyTrance and immediately is being fascinated by his deepness and atmosphere. By the hand of Dj Obit (Then DJ of Muskaria, actually of Red Dust) learns to deejing and starts experiencing the elaboration of sessions from diverse styles. Some years after, in 2011, decides to focus exclusively on the styles that feels deeper; Goa Trance and Ambient.

Since then, he become pretty active and start having international repercussion, and then at 2014 see how his dream become true, joining which is probably the most important NewSchool Goa Trance Label nowadays; Suntrip Records (BE/FR).

Since then he is having day by day more repercussion, and performing in many countries and festivals among the bigger names of the scene. Some examples of his gigs are;
SUN Festival (Hungary), Lost Theory Festival (Spain), Odyssee Berlin (Germany), One Love Festival (Switzerland), Connection Festival (Spain), Shankra Festival (Switzerland), Ayahuasca Trance Festival (Perú), Transylvaliens Festival (Romania), Psyche Deloun (Belgium), Dharmaroad to Connection (Serbia)…

And some of the big artists with who shared stage:
Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Astral Projection, ManWithNoName, California Sunshine, Green Nuns Of The Revolution, 1200 Mics, Transwave, Electric Universe, Power Source, Union Jack, Blue Planet Corporation, Total Eclipse, Filteria, Cosmosis, Chakra, Etnica, Pleiadians, The Muses Rapt, Shiva Joerg, Atma, E-Mantra, Talamasca, U-Recken, X-Dream, Avalon….

His sessions seek to perform always deep and spirituals but full of light and energy. He understands the psychedelic music as a guide of the active meditation and doesn’t feel afraid by playing with dark moments, providing that the leitmotiv of the trip is positive.

But the best way to know him is through his music selections. You can follow him and listen some of his sets at the links below, although we recommend you to see him in action! ;)

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