Aleksandar Popovic known as CoaGoa is Goa trance music producer and also a graphic designer related to psychedelic fractal art. CoaGoa’s first taste of music production is related only to Goa trance music. In the time he was playing Goa as DJ, (2005), spreading the vibe around, first glimpses of musical creativity pushed him to experiment with DAWs of that time. Not long after, he began to deal with music production more seriously, using combined virtual studio technology and hardware equipment. As reflection of pure love for music, he quickly reached new musical fulfilments, bearing new skills in the studio.
CoaGoa is fixed member and cofounder of Underground Alien factory Records label, known as U.A.F. records, and also a member of good known goa-project called Space Elves.

Till now, CoaGoa had many live appearances, of which are biggest:
*Shishu festival Belgium 2012, *Goa Spirituals – polarized nation parties in Hungary 2011, *Connection 2012 and 2013 festivals in Spain, *Balkan Goa Fanatics 2014 by Suntrip, *Phototropic records parties in Austria 2009-2012, *Trance Teleport party in Croatia, *U.A.F. Records parties in BiH 2010-2013 * UNA Riversplash festival 2008 BiH * Retrodox Lab and Inner Sunrise parties BiH, and many other smaller events around…

* “Eternal Sunrise” track on “VA – Ya Wichna” Phototropic Records 2009. *”Memory on Eden” track on “VA- Pagan Goa” 2009 *”Algae Forest” track on VA – Call of Goa, Ovnimoon Records 2013.* “Sequoia Valley” track on VA – Call of Goa II, Timewarp Recs. 2014.*Transcendental Consciousness EP – TimeWarp Records

CoaGoa is currently working on his first album, fully inspired by beauties and mysteries of the natural world around.


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