Denshi Danshi



Denshi Danshi have been around for 20 years; the French veterans worked with the likes of Blue Planet corporation and held a central role during the POF-Music label existence. The creators of unique classical tracks, as Feed The Mugwumps, are back in full force! Make no mistake Denshi Danshi is very active again & their first new tracks show that they still have the skills to create psychedelic goa-trance in their unique and beloved style.

Their tracks offer a mixture of melodic & hypnotic Goatrance with surprising breaks and acidic twists gallantly breathed by their all-analog gear.

They released their full album in october 2015 on Suntrip Records, completely non-standard goa-trance and fully danceable, “Fluid Dynamics” will amaze you and drive you nuts on the dancefloor.


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