Encens – Ominus – Aeternum



Aeternum is the brainchild of producer Marcello Bonifacii. Since emerging from the ebullient Brighton party scene in the mid-90s under the aegis of the legendary Koyote label, Bonifacii has become one of the leading figures on the international psychedelic goa trance scene. Not for no reason is his track record justifiably spoken of in revered tones, and the collaborations with Swedish trance producer Miranda Silvergren under the legendary “Ominus” project as well as work with label head Darryl Turner in the guise of Encens have left a strong mark on parties all over the world.

Marcello Bonifacii will rock any goa trancefloor with his energetic retro live sets featuring music from all his projects of the golden 90’s goa-trance era!



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