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Francisco de Asís Llamas Vazquez is “Lord Flames”, born in Seville and londonier adopted who consider London as his second home and the most inspirational for him, London taught him to visualize music and feel the energy of the trance party.

Born the 15th of may of 1974, is in his 19 – 20s when he really began his musical baggage and open his ear to the electronic music (Techno, Trance and Goa) with djs as Dany Dejota, Techno, trance and goa music introducer in Andalucía, at mythical clubs of Seville as “EM”, “La Fábrica de Colores”, “Bunda” or afterhours as “Stiletto” (This was his artistic name for some time, till 2010, when it is changed for “Lord Flames” in London) Big artists as “Oscar Mulero” and the entrance in Seville of the Breakbeat, made Frankie to continue his musical line learning (techno, trance and goa) in Madrid in clubs as “The Omen”, “Over Drive”, “Attica”… Tripping alone from Seville by bus just to see his “master” Mulero or to delight with Dj Muerto, Pepo… Filling his life with unique experiences and discovering an underground movement that he will pretend to capture in his job as a musical promoter.

After some years removed, although always with the mind on the music, is in 2007 – 2008 when he returned to the world of music, promoting some parties, with more or less relevance,with these whom were his idols and became his good friends: Dj Salva (“La Fábrica de Colores”), Dany Dejota (“La Fábrica de Colores”, “EM”, “Bunda”)Is very important the reappearance in Frankie’s life of his very good friend Dj Man, friends since the childhood, neighbors, and party mates in their adolescence years… With him he came back to the electronic world, helping Frankie in his difficult moments and introducing him the woman who was some time after his partner and his son’s mother.
In the summer of 2009 Frankie is living in Granada, although is already promoting and playing Old School techno as Dj Stiletto in some parties with Dany Dejota and Dj Salva, and going to parties with his friend Dj Man. This summer he met his partner and in a couple of months both are living in London. Is there where deepens in the trance music in all the styles (Full-on, Dark, Psychedellic,Progressive…)

In the “Raves” (Ilegal parties), indoors and outdoors, he knew a lot of trance djs more or less famous… But the most important who he knew and really delight, is with the mix of people, of every age, every aspect, every world together with music, not only the people “is supposed you will find in a place like that”… And respecting each other…

Is this that really impacted him and that he pretends to do even before going back to Spain, when, with his partner Malorie and his Sister Zelia founded “Red Dust”, with the idea of bring trance music to everyone, share experiences and music with every urban tribe in armony… And of course, bring Goa Trance music, unknown even in pure trance Spanish psychedelic ambients, to everyone and make people trip with the surrounds and psychedelic sounds. He began playing both Goa and Psychedelic, but finally he decanted to New School Goa, discovering infinite horizons of music in which be lost and show.

After the summer of 2011 he began as resident dj in the Transition Club and also to be part of the Transition Crew. In November of 2011 he sign for “UAF Records”, label of New School Goa famous in all Europe, sharing label with the best producers and djs of Goa in all Europe, where this music has a big name and multitudinous appreciation as “O.Z.O.R.A.” in Hungary, “N.O.M.A.D.”InFrance,etc…
He has in his career as a trance dj shows in “Transition 2011”,“Transition 2012” (Almonte, Huelva – Spain), “After – Sun 2011” (Sierra de Gredos, Spain), “Free Flow 2011”(Portugal)… Around Spain (Mallorca (Balearic Islands), Madrid, Alicante…), U.K. (London with “Cohesion” in September of 2011 and Portsmouth with “Psyco” in august of 2010)… And also his shows with “Red Dust” in the mythical “Sevilla ‘n’ Trance” and more events promoted by his collective…

Since then his performances have been increasing, Barcelona, Madrid, where he began his residency at the mythical “Specka” at an event once a month created by and for the Goa: “Goacademy”, Balearic Islands (Mallorca and Ibiza), Portsmouth (UK), Andalusia, “Transition Festival” 2012 and 2013, Malta, etc … Becoming a clear benchmark of Goa music in Spanish and European scene.

One of his latest moves as a DJ is his inclusion in the prestigious label “Suntrip Records” where Goa continue growing and spreading around the world… With his collective (“Red Dust”) created what is considered the last festival of the season in Europe: “Connection Festival”, with which magnifies the significance of music creating magic Goa connection of souls … The first weekend of October of 2012 and the first weekend of October 2013 (coming soon) Goa takes over from Lord Flames’ hand and Red Dust in Connection.


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