Lotus Omega / Crop Circles



Filippo “Fleps” Scrimizzi started to play guitar and programming gears at 17. After 7 years playing experimental rock music, he started to make electronic music with Franco Rossi. Together they founded Lotus Omega and, 2 years later, took part in the Crop Circles project together with Etnica. He also collaborated with GMS with the project Systembusters. After more than 10 years playing around the world as Lotus Omega, Filippo started his own solo project, Arousal.

Lotus Omega are Filippo Scrimizzi & Francesco D’Amato, the group was always pioneering in experimenting in different sounds, more technoish and darker then their fellow friends Etnica. Filippo always went for a deep dark vibe while Francesco opted for the psychedelia, together they created some mindblowing tracks.

Crop Circles is the legendary joint project of Etnica / Pleiadians and their fellow Italians Lotus Omega. The first tracks composed were Lunar Civilization and Different Species, made by Filippo, Carlo & Maurizio. The tracks were then sent to Max that at the time was in Bali DJing and needed some new music to play.

All the music they released was composed during the summer of 1996 in the studio they set up in Milano with all the machines from Etnica and Lotus Omega. For Full Mental Jackpot 10 mixes were made in only one stormy afternoon, but only a few made it to the public release. Some of the composed material went lost through the years because of a hard-drive crash and DAT tapes being lost or stolen.

The debut album was finished and was being called Tetrahedron, expected to be released in 1998 on Auracle Recordings. Unfortunately the label went bankrupt before it could be realized.
The album was finally released 10 years after in late 2008 on DAT Records.


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