Lunar Asylum


Lunar Asylum were formed in 1994 by Paul Greendale & Chris Stevenson. Their first release was Topple, establishing Chris’s Sirius Records as a key player in London’s early trance scene.

Releases on various compilations followed, including those by Phantasm, Psychic Deli, Spirit Zone, Transient and Matsuri.

By 1997, Lunar Asylum had realised their aims of creating a unique style of psychedelic trance, using studio electronics in place of guitars. This culminated in their self-titled Phantasm album, with included tracks such as Van Halen, Vanishing Point, G-Lock and Twister.

By now firmly established, live gigs followed at locations including Estonia, Denmark, London/UK, Belgium and Israel.

Fast-forward to 2013… The golden age of the first wave of Goa Trance is now considered to be between 1994-97. Revived interest in this old-school Goa Trance – known as the Retro-Goa scene – has created renewed interest in Lunar Asylum. Hence the following remixes were produced and released in 2013: Van Halen (Psilocybian remix); Iron Age (Audioform remix); Tsunami (Rigel Remix):

Lunar Asylum continues to be a major presence on the live events scene across the globe, backed up by the previously un-released ‘Scirroco’ which came out in February 2012 on Zion 604 Records’ compilation, The Kingdom, compiled By Skizologic.


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