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Lunar Dawn is a joined project of two music enthusiasts,Kristijan Ilisinovic and Sasa Precanica. Grewing up together they developed their senses for music and in year 2001. started to make music by themselves,but seperately in first! After some time learning of how things work they had their first gig in their homeplace in youth club Skwhat each playing his own music in one output (B2B)!

In 2010. Kristijan started the Lunar Dawn project releasing officially track The Run for Underground Alien Factory Records (founder Nikola Petrović) on compilation Goa Overdose 2, and shortly after that track Genesis for Entities 2, croatian psytrance scene compilation made by Ivan Parić (Neogoa netlabel, Graviton Records netlabel and Neogoa designs founder), Saša Dukić (Psilocybian, Dual Barrel), and Igor Čeranić (Deimos, Dual Barrel, Deimos Soundlabs). Beacuse of their common sense and love for music,soon after Kristijan invited Saša to play live with him on Lunar Dawn’s first open air,beacuse they always played live before but in different genres,and also to join fully in production! So the rumble started, forces joined – and they played some good gigs like noise fest 2012 in Ljubljana in Menza Pri Koritu (Narayan & Lunar Dawn live set), Kula 2012 (Croatia, Osijek),Goa Beach 2012 (Croatia, Posedarje), Connection 2012 (Spain, near Priego de Cordoba), La Belle Etoile Open Air 2012 (France, near Bordeaux), Goa Vibes 2013 (Croatia, Zagreb, mountain of Medvednica), Train to Goa 2013 (Croatia, Zagreb, Željezničar), Goa Vibes 2 2014 (Croatia, Zagreb, DHC club indoor), 10y of Suntrip records anniversary PRE PARTY 2014 (Croatia, Zagreb, mountain of Medvednica), Balkan Goa Fanatics 2014 – 10y of Suntrip records anniversary 2014 (Croatia, Zagreb, lake Ontario), and other…

Also in free time they organised events in youth club Skwhat in Sisak under the name Genesis. Musical output of Lunar Dawn is unique and energy filled goa trance with no regular basslines and synths, using ethnical flavours and noncommon ideas, always starting something new in songs without limits and templates!

Last news are long awaited free album that is being made for almost 3y, with unique view of Goa Trance music blended with Slavic ancient pagan thematics (could be tagged as Ethno Pagandelic Goa Trance), and also ethno influences and juicy spiced mellos from these Slavic regions of ours. Planned to be released in February 2015 via croatian well known and globaly respected label Neogoa, led by Ivan Parić, Richpa – one that discovered and supported “Lunar Dawn” project since its beginnings!


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