Mindfield – Neverland Israel 2014


Mindfield is an UK Psychedelic goa-trance project formed in October 1993 by Mark Allen and Chrisbo Smith. John Ford and Simon Carman joined shorty after that and together they released couple of EPs on John’s label Phantasm Records. In 2000, Mindfield released their full album “Odyssey of the Mind” which contained their classic goa tracks from the golden 1995-1999 period!

Phantasm Records was one of the first Goa trance record labels established in London in 1993.The label was started by veteran DJ John Phantasm. Phantasm releases have been a major force in the goa trance scene ever since their first cd release in 1993, regularly featuring in the play lists of every dj large or small on the scene today. Whether with groundbreaking cd’s like the Fill Your Head With Phantasm compilations, or the Deck Wizards mix series, featuring early mixes from the likes of Tsuyoshi, Goa Gil, Mark Allen and Jean Borelli among others, or with a phenomenal run of classic vinyl 12”s. As a dj in his own right he has traveled the world playing at parties and events for the last 20 years, hosting countless Phantasm parties all over the UK and in USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, UAE, Serbia, Portugal, Macedonia, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Morocco, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and just about everywhere that has electricity & a sound system…

John Phantasm still loves to perform retro Mindfield live sets & retro goa-trance dj sets as John Phantasm!