Oforia – Pigs in Space – Tandu


Oforia (also known as Ofer Dikovsky) is a Psychedelic goa Trance artist & producer from Israel. He is one of Israel’s longest standing goa-trance artists. He has been active in the goa trance scene since its early days. He’s responsible for creating the first form of the Israeli electronic sound and by that he is consider to be one of the inventors of the genre.

Ofer Dikovsky was a member of the legendary Goa-trance band ‘Indoor’. Their album – Progressive Trance – released in 1995, was one of the first in the wave of trance-artist albums. After the group disbanded, he continued his agenda together with Marco Goren to form “Tandu”, another mythological band that made its mark with Ofer’s solo-well known track – “Alien Pump”.
Ofer began working as a solo artist under various names: Starting with “Oforia”, he was one of the first Israeli artists to be signed to the leading UK label – Dragonfly that was owned by the Legendary English producer “Youth” and the result was his debut album “Delirious” (1998), a bestseller album that established Ofer’s unique sound and brought him worldwide fame.
Beside the main project – Oforia, ofer was running two other side projects. one was Solaris with the successful single “Out There / Extra Mundane” This 12” was played & licensed to compilations all around the world. The other one was a one time, full length concept album under the name “Pigs in Space” (1998). This album was pure dance floor mayhem, on par with the strong, metallic, and full on style that took over the world at that time. In the early days of his career Ofer (and “Indoor”) also formed the “Phreaky” project together with DJ Dino Psaras . This mythological project was responsible for a serie of massive hits including “Tornado” (1997) & “Over the moon”. It was the first time that an Israeli piece got into the UK indie-charts and climbed up to no. 23.

In 1999, he released its second album under the name “oforia” – “Off The Ground” – a high quality album featuring various styles of trance – psychedelic, progressive, ambient and even a bit of industrial. This album was considered by many as “ahead of its time”.
The next Oforia album “Let It Beat”, released in 2002. The concept was unique and brought a different mixture between psychedelic sound and rich layers of more “musical harmonies” then usual. Oforia’s third album hit the psytrance scene two years after his previous release. With musical content and production second to none, several tracks on “Headed for Infinity” – including “High Gear”, “Northern Lights” and “Beams of Lights” – have established themselves as dance floor hits, & have been included in the sets of some of the world’s biggest DJ’s.
The next album was released in 2006 under the title: “Inner Twist” and it’s considered to be one of his best musical outputs. The album contains hits like “Spiders”, “Inner twist”, “Adrenaline”, “Show No Mercy” and above all “Return Of The Machines”, a massive hit made together with his former collaborator – “Bwicked”. Along the way, Ofer remixed world famous artists (Pink Floyd, Man with No Name, Astral Projection and more) and released tracks on compilations in Nearly Every Label exists in the scene. He was also being remixed by names like Infected Mushroom, Gms, Violet Vision, Atomic Pulse, Time Lock, Moshic, Fatali and more.
In 2008-2010 he collaborated with B-wicked (Bertin Katz) as OB1. A special project combining Trance/Electronic and Rock. OB1 released their first and only album “Dream Dictionary” on 2009 followed by several EP releases.
His liking for Lounge and slow beat music formed “Textures” – A special album released in 2010 under Oforia and contained several tracks which he produced during his career,
In the following years Ofer made a turn towards producing music for commercials and had a several releases under his progressive/tech house project “Ofer Di”.
In 2014, after almost 4 years of silence from his top project “Oforia”, Ofer made a full return for producing new Goa/Psy Trance music under his collaborative Label MDMA. Ofer is very close to releasing his new Oforia album, stay tuned!!! He also revived the legendary band – Indoor, together with Avi Algranti SpaceCat.


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