Isaac Levy aka Sandman was born in 1977 in Israel, needs little introduction. As a pioneer of the Psychedelic goa-trance movement, Sandman established himself as one of the most unique artists of the golden 90’s era. He considered to be one of the masters in storytelling nighttime goa-trance with dark melodies & soundscapes as his unique trademark.

With timeless releases (CD’s and EP’s) from 1995 to present including ‘Witchcraft’ (CD) released on the legendary Matsuri Productions and ‘Psycho Toons’ (CD), ‘Natural Born Killer’ (T.I.P Records EP) aka the ‘Pacman’ track, Isaac steadily kept the pace and continued working hard. Refocusing his energy on the creation of a new album, Sandman’s original ‘story telling’ music is the foundation of the new album, including new and current production ideas and sounds that will carry the next generation to new uncharted areas in a way only Sandman can. Sandman music can be found in all major trance labels includes:TIP, Matsuri, Symbiosis, Dragonfly Records, Phonokol, Melodia, HOM-Mega, Anjuna Records,….

In the early days of goa-trance Sandman was also part of the legendary project “Witchcraft” together with Rami Shapira aka Chakra. The legendary duo created 4 epic & classical goa-trance tracks which remain deep in the hearts of all goa-trance lovers.