Tim Schuldt – Mama Indica – Talking Souls – Brain Accent



Tim Schuldt, was born on 1973 in Bochum, Germany.

At the age of 7 he began guitar lessons, and at 12, he found himself as a guitar/bass-player in several metal and grunge-bands, with his first appearances on stage in Germany.

A few years later his interests shifted to the growing Techno/Industrial-Scene, and in 1995 he started to buy his first Midi and Studio-Equipment to produce his very own music.

In 1995, his first 12″-Vinyl-Maxi on “Friends Rec.”was released. And with it came new recognition and attention from the psychedelic goa trance industry. That November, he found himself performing his first Live-Act at a psychedelic Trance-Party.

This later led to more live-acts in several countries such as Germany, U.S.A., Japan, England, France, Brazil, South Africa, Venezuela and more. To develop his musical skills, he visited the well known “School of Audio Engineering” in Frankfurt from 1995 to 1997, and this knowledge helped him to create even more detailed and powerful tracks under projects as: Mama Indica, Talking Souls, Brain Accent, Mono Substance, Diverger. Many of them are considered nowadays as goa-trance classics. His massive acid sounds & psychedelic approach was the main succes ingredient in all those legendary projects!

His success as a musician had opened new doorways, and he started working together with several friends and partners (such as: Dino Psaras, Oforia, Detlef Funder, Joti Sidhu, X-Dream) with different bands and projects. The years from 1995 to 1998 were among the highlights of his career, he had releases on several labels such as Aurinko Records, Atomic Records, Blue Room, Matsuri Production, Transient Records and more.

Since 1999, Tim also runs the famous “4CN Studios” where he offer his excellent mastering skills.