DJ Yuta is a key person in the recent Japanese Goa/Psychedelic trance scene and has sparked the GoaTrance revival of Japan. With his career starting in 2004, Yuta is not only a DJ, but also also well-known as an organizer and booking manager of many top trance parties in Japan.

As a DJ, Yuta’s style focuses on Goa Trance and Goa Techno, and he is very active in the scene, performing energetically at everything from big-name festivals to underground parties. In addition to his regular appearances in Japan, Yuta has played in Mexico at “India/Goa Matsuri Digital”, in Koh Phangan, Thailand at “Shiva Moon” & “BlackMoon After”, in UK “Return to the Source”,in Israel at “Psilosiva”, in Australia at “Eclipse Festival”, in Germany at the legendary “VUUV Festival”, in Romania at “Transylvania Calling”, and in Belgium at “Nova’s Incident” & “Old is Gold”.His mixes have been played on worldwide internet radio channels like Di.fm and Dice Radio.Yuta’s stable and unique DJ style has received positive feedback from the local and international party crowd.

In addition to being the core organizer of the monster party “Mind of Vision,” which is created with the next generation of the psychedelic party crowd, he also works alongside the great DJ Tsuyoshi at Matsuri Digital to deliver the “Nu Goa Sounds” from Japan to the world. Yuta presides over the party “Vortex” with the legendary Masa to pursue the original Goa sound that transcends genres.

Recently Yuta produced the trance stage in Japan’s representative festivals “Nagisa Music Festival” and “Hadra Festival in Japan”, in addition to bringing his psychedelic style to other events such as ”Re:birth”, “SPIRIT ZONE NIGHT”, and “Flying Rhino Festival”.

In February 2015 Yuta released a compilation album “Nu GOA from Japan Vol.2”, in addition to making tracks and remixes with Asteroidnos aka Makio, to bring a few influx of energy to the scene. His new compilation album “Time Paradox” is being released by Matsuri Digital in December 2015. This album contains the debut track of his new project with Asteroidnos, Rezonance Mood. His idea to combine a techno groove with Goa sound will shift the current interpretation of Goa trance.

Having travelled alone in Asia and reached the realization that “Life = psychedelic”,

Yuta is on a mission to continue his work with the concept of “reforming consciousness”